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This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this theme, and provides answers and solutions to common problems. I encourage you to join the forum if you are experiencing any difficulties. I would be happy to help.

WordPress Upload

To upload through your Dashboard, select “Appearance” and then “Themes”. Next, select the “Install Themes” tab at the top of the page and then select the “Upload” link, right above the search field. Choose your file and select “Install Now”. Once the theme is fully uploaded and installed, click “Activate” to activate the WordPress theme.

The theme files will be stored on your server in the wp-content/themes location.

When uploading your theme with the installer, please ensure you are uploading the theme .zip file, not the entire package you downloaded. In this case, you will be uploading

FTP Upload

To manually upload the theme, login with your credentials to your website and locate the wp-content folder in your WordPress install files. Upload the un-zipped Xcx1 folder into the: wp-content/themes folder.

Activation & PluginsBack to Top

Xcx1 needs two plugins exists, they are Timber and ACF Pro. Please search for Timber in WP's plugin installation section and activate it. Without it, templates will not work. ACF comes bundled in the theme, you'll be asked to install it upon theme activation with a couple more suggested plugs.

You're now ready to activate the theme by heading to the “Themes” menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Locate the Xcx1 theme and hit “Activate”.

Theme OptionsBack to Top

How to upload fonts

Install the custom plugin that comes bundled with the theme and look for the Font Uploader located in the Appearence menu. Upload your font and assign it to classes as shown below.

Post CreationBack to Top

Index View

Create a new page and select Index as template in the Page Attributes block. Now you can assign Index fields on a post per post basis as shown below.

How to change the gallery images size (single post page)

Please use one of the two class available in the alt field, as shown in in the screenshot below.

Theme UpdatesBack to Top

If you've entered your theme license key, then you'll automatically be notified of any theme updates as we push them. This is the most effective method for getting updates pushed to you quickly and effienctly.

Theme License KeyBack to Top

Once you've located your license key on your purchase receipt, you may enter the key in the "Xcx1 License" page, located in the Appearence menu.

Once your license key is entered, hit the "Save License" button - then the "Activate" button that appears after the page refreshes. Upon a successful activation you’ll see a green “Active” tag next to the widget title.

What is the license key for?

It is important to keep your license up to date in order to continue getting updates for your theme and support for any issues you may encounter.

Without a valid theme license, you will be unable to get support and receive theme updates.

If your key is not applied after hitting the Activate button, simply re-enter the key and try again. Sometimes it takes a few tries to properly establish a connection with the activation server.